New transport options

Tandem works in partnership with local taxi, minibus and coach companies to create new, affordable, flexible transport options to reach sites that aren’t well-served by public transport.

Tandem builds partnerships with local taxi, minibus and coach companies and turns them into dedicated shuttles to get workers to rural and out-of-town sites. Services can be set up for workers to book and pay for their seats directly through Tandem’s app, or for labour provider staff to allocate seats on behalf of workers.

Tandem’s service has been designed specifically to meet the needs of labour providers. As such, Tandem has created a range of functionality specifically to address challenges unique to labour providers. Tandem is now working with local and national employment agencies across the country and – through its partnerships with local transport providers – can launch services anywhere in the country in as little as 24-48 hours.

Services are designed for maximum flexibility and minimum hassle. Taxis and minibuses offer the ability to flex the vehicle supply for peak or off-peak with minimal notice and coaches can deliver large numbers of workers where the required volumes make this the most efficient option.

Watch our webinar recording to learn more: Tandem – Transport to work solutions 19th June 2020

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