THE STOP LOAN SHARKS England Illegal Money Lending Team are a specialist unit that investigate and prosecute loan sharks whilst providing support for victims.

You may have employees who have borrowed within your workplace – or you may have an illegal lender on your payroll. Loan sharks are as dangerous and predatory as their name suggests. Borrowers may be charged huge rates of interest and often face violence if they cannot pay. Victims may be forced to give personal documentation to the lender such as passports, bank cards or vehicle registration certificates.

Loan shark victims may have to take time off due to mental health issues caused by the lender; their productivity may decrease and they may be more likely to suffer an accident at work due to an inability to concentrate.

For a free consultation on how to ‘Sharkproof’ your business, contact Cath Wohlers from the Stop Loan Shark Team on or 07500 809 339

Visit the Stop Loan Sharks website at for more information including how to report a loan shark,
case studies, educational resources on personal finance.

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