A provider of alternative payment solutions for temporary employees who can’t open a UK bank account has been working with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to help prevent labour exploitation.

We are dedicated to helping some of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies, seasonal agricultural farms and employers find a quick, reliable, and secure method of paying wages to workers who don’t have a traditional UK bank account. Enabling you to eliminate cheques, cash, and avoid payments to 3rd party bank accounts.

To support you and your business, you will have direct contact with our Client Services Team, should you have any questions or queries. As long as your workers are employed by you, and are living and working in the UK, they are entitled to apply for a OnePay account. All OnePay account holders have their own account number and sort code, so payroll works exactly as it would if you were paying into a mainstream bank.

Your workers will have access to a multilingual Online Portal, Mobile app, automated telephone service and dedicated customer service team, so that they can manage their money 24/7. They will receive a contactless chip and PIN card, which enables them to withdraw cash from most ATM’s worldwide that display Mastercard®, pay at point of sale terminals, shop securely online (they will need to register their phone number or email address to enable them to do this) and ask for up to £50 cashback from supporting retailers.

OnePay work closely with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) to help prevent labour exploitation in the UK. We strongly believe that Financial institutions such as ourselves all need to play a proactive role in trying to prevent your workers from being exploited. We have a dedicated team to manage any concerns and help protect potential victims.

We like to do our bit to support the industry which is why we are proud sponsors of the National Fruit Show’s education programme and the NextGen fruit group, we believe the work they both do is paramount to the future of the UK fruit industry.

OnePay are the only ALP (Association of Labour Providers) Service Partner offering these types of accounts. We also have strong relationships and offer support to some of the UK’s largest labour providers including the SWP scheme.

For OnePay for business, contact a member of client services on 0113 320 1464 or  email [email protected].

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