NSL Checking are specialists in employee vetting services and provide software solutions to help recruiters validate identity documents for right to work purposes.

With false documents now widely available, recruiters need to mitigate against reputational risks and the risk of civil penalities.

We help take the risk and out of the document validation process either by leveraging our software or outsourcing checks to our vetting teams using the same technology-driven verification techniques.

Our solution has a reference database of 70,000 authorised images of 6000 identity documents from over 200 countries and checks other document features, including machine readable zone codes in under ten seconds.

The software can be deployed on desktop and app versions, with high-security scanner hardware optional. All documents are stored securely in an ISO27001 environment.

We provide full helpdesk and account management services to support users and a range of other vetting services, including CRB checks. For more information, please download our Service Summary.


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Contact Ken Hanslip – Checking Services on kenneth.hanslip@nslservices.co.uk.

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