Get an independent and confidential assessment of your labour provider legal compliance. Approved expert auditors will use the Complyer software tool to map findings against the GLAA Licensing Standards, the Conduct Regulations and Agency Workers Regulations as well as general UK employment and recruitment legislation and deliver a detailed and confidential improvement recommendations report. Financial probity questions check compliance with legislation relating to VAT, PAYE, National Insurance, the Criminal Finance Act, IR35, disguised self-employment and the use of umbrellas and other recruitment intermediaries. Independent third party Complyer audits may be requested by:

  1. Labour Providers – for their own business.
  2. Labour users – on their labour provider – to provide a platform to work in partnership with their labour provider to improve standards.
  3. Brands and retailers – on their supply chain to be shared as agreed between the parties.

Find out more here. Contact Complyer on or 01276 509306 to discuss your Labour Provider Legal Compliance requirement

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