Support your compliance and due diligence journey with direct assistance from our expert consultants.

Despite all the resources available from the ALP, there are moments when tailored expertise makes all the difference. This is where ALP expert consultants come in.

Each ALP approved consultant has years of senior level experience as either a labour provider or a labour user and is fully conversant and up to date with relevant legislative and ethical standards.
From meticulous document reviews and consultative audits, to crafting strategies and policies, our consultants help you to get it right and keep it right. All consultancy work is, of course, completely confidential.

Find out more about our Consultants:

Lorna Bramwell

Having worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years, Lorna understands the challenges of legal and ethical compliance for labour providers, and the realities of day to day operational delivery and seeks to deliver solutions that embed compliant processes without negatively impacting the operational aspects of the business. Lorna is a certified BSI Lead Auditor and SMETA audit trained which enables a more rounded and supportive approach when consulting with clients in labour provision compliance.

David Camp

Chief Executive of the ALP for 15 years before moving into the Chair role at the beginning of 2023, David is also founder and Chair of the global not-for-profit social enterprise Stronger Together. David has wide ranging expertise and experience to bring to bear for the benefit of both labour providers, employers and at a sectoral and national level, including a detailed practical knowledge and application of employment law, regulation, responsible recruitment, labour standards, human rights and migration to work.

Gillian Haythornthwaite

A Fellow of the CIPD with over 30 years of HR experience and a trained Responsible Recruitment auditor, Gillian has held many senior HR roles at both operational and group levels and has vast experience as a labour user throughout her HR career.  In her role as Head of Development for the ALP, Gillian is focused on finding new and innovative ways of supporting labour providers and their clients, and has a particular interest in access to labour and client engagement.

Garry Warhurst

Garry has over 26 years auditing experience, many of which were spent auditing ethical systems and labour providers from the point of view of the client.  He is a trained SA8000 lead auditor and is a registered IRCA Social Systems Internal auditor.  His specialist areas of support are around auditing and compliance against standards (ALP, SMETA, BRCGS, ISO, etc), induction training, health and safety, document review and the checking of payments.

Our expert Consultants can undertake a range of tasks, including:

Document ReviewFast and thorough reviews of your existing operational documents such as policies, procedures, worker contracts, KIDs or Assignment Details. We will check that they are compliant with legislation and suggest both necessary and recommended improvements
Terms of Business/Contract ReviewA comprehensive review of your contracts against the ALP templates to ensure they meet legislative standards, cover all eventualities and properly protect your business.

Applicable to either standard Terms of Business or bespoke contracts.
Service Level AgreementsDefine and record the specific services and service levels agreed with your client with a bespoke Service Level Agreement. Modelled on the ALP template, the document includes KPIs, review and escalation processes and supports effective management of your client relationships.
Health and Safety ChecklistEnsure appropriate risk management; co-operation and assignment and agreement of responsibilities to better protect the health and safety of agency workers, and comply with legislation and GLAA licensing.
Our consultant will work with your client to complete the ALP Client Health and Safety Checklist and will highlight any areas of concern.
Holiday PayNon/incorrect payment of holiday pay is regularly identified during GLAA inspections.

Your consultant will check through your processes and help you to ensure that holiday is accrued, calculated and paid correctly and that your workers are able to take all the holiday they are entitled to.
National Minimum WageA review to confirm that your systems and processes ensure that your workers are paid the relevant National Minimum Wage/National Living Wage for all working hours, and that any deductions or fees do not take workers below these levels.
Charge RatesEnsure business sustainability by making sure that charge rates to clients are compliant with GLAA/ALP guidance, cover all relevant costs and provide a reasonable margin. Check that pay increases, sick pay, overtime and holidays are paid and charged correctly so that they do not have a negative impact on profitability.
Worker HandbooksComplement your recruitment and induction processes with a welcoming worker handbook. Fully branded using your own corporate identity, the handbook explains who you are, the benefits of working for you and the policies and procedures that apply, ensuring your worker has all the information they need before they start work for you. Delivered as a pdf document which can be printed or used electronically.
Policy DevelopmentEnsure your policies are up to date, compliant with legislation and reflect your values and commitments.
In-house Training ContentKeep your staff up to date with professional, branded, in-house training content for your own delivery – anything from a one hour webinar on the subject of your choice, to an ongoing development programme for your new starters. If you want to engage ALP trainers, we can provide those as well.

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