Complyer assesses compliance with UK legislation including the GLAA Licensing Standards, the Conduct Regulations and Agency Workers Regulations as well as general UK employment and recruitment legislation.

Complyer is for use by both labour providers in their own operations and labour users to audit their supply chain and promotes partnership working towards best practice agency labour provision. WHY COMPLYER?

  • Drive up ethical and performance standards
  • Protect your brand and business reputation
  • Demonstrate due diligence and improve audit success

Intuitive and easy to use

  • Complyer can be completed by novice auditors with no training
  • Compliance is assessed by answering straightforward questions, with all the further guidance and links that the auditor may need, including worker interview questions
  • Automatic scoring gives an immediate objective assessment of compliance which can be used as a KPI target and compared over time to track improvement.

Efficient and effective

  • Auditors enter their findings straight to a laptop during audits – no double entry
  • Documentary evidence is uploaded to the audit so no searching for supporting documents
  • Provides corrective actions and a follow up process for continuous improvement
  • Downloaded to a PC or laptop so can be used offline in any environment
  • Allows multiple audits to be recorded
  • Includes a range of automatically generated reports

An annual licence costs just £385 (+VAT) per user, £325 (+VAT) for ALP members. Multi-user (3+) discounts are available. Visit to buy and download Complyer now, find more information or watch our introductory video below. Find out more here. Contact Complyer on or 01276 509306 to discuss your labour provider audit requirements For technical support for existing users, please visit here.

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