Liftshare was the first car sharing system provider in the UK and after 21 years in business we remain the market-leaders. We provide both public and private sector organisations with innovative technology which allows them to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, make the best use of parking facilities, achieve sustainable travel plan targets and provide staff with a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of getting to work. We have taken over a billion miles off the UK’s road network – watch a short film that gives you a feel for the current and potential impact of our work.

We are the only car sharing company to provide a dedicated customer support team who have the knowledge and experience to provide training and guidance for those delivering sustainable travel, a marketing tool kit with free customisable promotional materials and an annual awareness week for car sharing (

In addition to the considerable experience gained in the fields of car sharing (liftsharing/ridesharing/carpooling), we have for the last six years broadened our approach to include all sustainable travel modes and created some superb tools to ensure that you can understand the commuting options available and any barriers so that you can focus your time and resource in the most effective way.

During the current challenging times, we also know that the safety of staff is a top concern, so have collaborated with cutting-edge suppliers to provide surface decontamination for cars that is guaranteed for 28 days. Any pathogens that come into contact with a treated surface is killed. Additionally, the suppliers can provide a range of barriers from personal visors to temporary screens that can be fitted between the driver and the rear passenger. Together with our own track and trace capabilities, these actions will further enhance the safety of those who share vehicles (in line with Government guidelines) for their commute.

We’ve developed new software and tools to help employers to successfully navigate this issue and would be pleased to have a chat to understand your specific objectives and how we can help to deliver them.

Watch our webinar recording to learn more: Liftshare – car sharing for your business 17 July 2020, or email [email protected]

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