Sector-wide collaboration to improve workers’ experience on the UK Seasonal Workers’ Scheme

The UK’s largest supermarkets, Seasonal Workers’ Scheme (SWS) operators, Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority, Association of Labour Providers (ALP) and others from across the horticultural sector have today launched an innovative mobile solution to help workers gain quality and safe seasonal work in the UK. The Just Good Work app will provide clear advice and guidance for workers in their own language, while increasing transparency of recruitment and employment across the scheme.

This industry collaboration recognises the need to ensure that seasonal workers are provided with accurate information during recruitment, with safe and comfortable housing, decent working conditions, are treated fairly and with dignity, are protected from hidden exploitation risks during recruitment and on farm, and have a positive experience when working in UK horticulture so that they wish to return next season.

Just Good Work is a mobile app that provides workers with critical information and access to help at every stage of their recruitment and employment journey. The SWS version of the app launches today with sector-wide information and reporting. New languages including Russian, Indonesian, Nepali, Serbian and Vietnamese have been added in addition to Albanian, Bulgarian, Gujarati, Romanian, Polish and Ukrainian which were already available in the app.

The platform will ensure workers receive consistent guidance from when they first start looking for a job, through to when they return home at the end of the season – regardless of their recruiter or employer. Just Good Work is freely available for all workers and employers in all sectors, including all stages of the agricultural and horticultural sector supply chain.
Simple spot questions throughout the app will provide automatic advice and signposting to further help or support for workers, providing a live picture of recruitment and working conditions across the scheme.

This proactive approach aims to provide faster pinpointing of issues as well as highlight what is working well and the effectiveness of interventions. 

Find downloadable resources to promote uptake of Just Good Work to workers on the Seasonal Workers Scheme here.

Sponsor Retailers

We’re pleased to announce a partnership to launch a Seasonal Workers’ Scheme (SWS) portal within the Just Good Work app. We recognise the critical role migrant workers recruited through the SWS play in UK agriculture and the associated risks of exploitation. This initiative will enable workers to be more informed of the SWS recruitment process and feel empowered to know their rights and where to get support. We collectively see ths app as a proactive, preventative approach to reduce the risk of labour exploitation in the supply chain.

Seasonal Workers’ Scheme Operators
Pro-Force, Concordia, AG Recruitment and Fruitful Jobs said, “We are delighted to be working collaboratively with key supply chain stakeholders to achieve what is a crucial and mutually beneficial goal – increased worker knowledge of their employment rights. As operators of the Seasonal Worker Scheme, we are committed to continuing to develop and support programmes which benefit workers and reduce the risk of exploitation.”

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA)
Frank Hanson, Head of Prevention and Partnerships said: “Our aim is to prevent and protect workers from being exploited, whether it be for their labour or from poor working conditions. We know one of the most effective ways of doing this is to ensure workers understand their rights and this App is a valuable addition to the wealth of information and resources already out there.
“It’s also pleasing to see industry working with agencies like the GLAA and committing to do more to ensure workers are treated fairly and have a positive experience of working in the UK”

Association of Labour Providers
David Camp, Chief Executive, Association of Labour Providers said “The ALP is delighted to continue our collaboration with the Just Good Work app to support seasonal horticultural workers to have clear information on all aspects of working on UK farms during the whole of their recruitment and employment experience. Working with all stakeholders and building in workers’ feedback will enable us to continuously improve the app as a valuable resource to support seasonal workers in having a positive experience working in UK horticulture.”

Just Good Work was first launched in the UK in September 2020, developed by Fifty Eight and made freely available for all UK employers, job seekers and workers with the collaboration and support of The Association of Labour Providers & Partner organisations.
The app is available on both Android and IOS and is designed to be simple and user friendly, interspersed with video and audio to make the information clear and accessible for lower-literacy users. It links workers to agencies and services across the UK that can offer help, advice and potentially intervene in situations where individuals may find themselves vulnerable to exploitation or modern slavery. These range from the GLAA or ACAS to the Health and Safety Executive and Modern Slavery Helpline.

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