Right to Work Checklists – October 2023

A statutory excuse is an employer’s defence against a civil penalty. In order to establish a statutory excuse against a civil penalty in the event that a worker is found to be working illegally, employers must do one of the following before the worker commences employment:

  • A manual right to work check
  • A right to work check using Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) via the services of an Identity Service Provider (IDSP)
  • A Home Office online right to work check

The links below will take you to Right to Work Checklists for each of the three types of check.

Use the checklists to ensure that the statutory excuse has been established for each worker and retain the checklist in the worker’s file as evidence of a correctly completed check.

Manual Check – Interactive VersionPrint Version

Online Check – Interactive VersionPrint Version

IDSP Check – Interactive VersionPrint Version

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