Future of the Agricultural Wages Order – Wales

The 2021 Agricultural Wages Order for Wales, as consulted on in September 2020 and November 2021 is still under consideration by Welsh Ministers. In the interim the current Agriculture Wages Order 2020 will remain in place until a new Order is introduced.

The Panel advise that the new grading structure is intended to stand alone without reference to the old grading structure. Transfer to the new structure should be based on an assessment of the individual worker’s skills and experience and new grade definitions, rather than grades under the old structure.


The Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales is an independent body that advises Welsh Ministers on the Agricultural Minimum Wage arrangements for agricultural, horticultural and forestry workers in Wales. It also promotes careers in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, the development of an appropriately skilled workforce and provides additional advice to Ministers as required.

Annually, the Panel review the Agricultural Minimum Wage (AMW) arrangements, propose all changes necessary and consult on their proposals before submitting them in a draft Agricultural Wales Order (AWO) to Welsh Ministers for consideration.

The Panel has been working toward modernising and simplifying the Agricultural Minimum Wage arrangements to ensure that they are relevant and fit for purpose for both employers and agricultural workers alike. To this end, the Panel proposes a new grading structure (Annex A) from April 2021.

The new grading structure will make it easier to define an agricultural worker’s appropriate grade and will allow
greater opportunity and potential to develop within the agricultural sector in Wales.

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