ALP Webinars: Autumn 2022 dates

Sourcing and Retaining older workers

Friday 2nd September 11:00-12:00 – Book here

Nearly 13% of the population are over 50, and yet:

  • The employment rate for older people employment rate is 70.9% compared to 75.5% in the whole working population
  • Economic inactivity in older people has risen by 303,000 since the start of the pandemic
  • 253,000 older people are unemployed and want to work

Join ALP and our expert speakers to hear clear and practical support and guidance to enable labour providers and their supply chains to source, recruit and employ older people successfully and in compliance with the law.

  • The Centre for Ageing Better on the challenges of ageism in the workplace and how to change policies and practices to improve employment from older people.
  • RestLess on how they support employers to access an experienced, motivated and rapidly growing talent pool and be recognised as a progressive business that supports age-diversity and inclusivity

Right to Work guidance update including digital remote RTW checking

Friday 9th September 11:00-12:00 – Book here

The landscape for right to work checks is constantly changing – coronavirus adjusted checks come to an end on 30th September, IDSP checks are now available, physical BRPs can no longer be accepted to establish a statutory excuse.

Join ALP experts to understand how your right to work processes are impacted by these and other key issues including:

  • Manual checks and the allowable document list
  • What IDSP checks look like, when you can use them and what they cost
  • How to access support when you need guidance

If you have any specific questions that you would like us to cover during the webinar, send them in to us beforehand on [email protected]

Sourcing agency workers – top tips for effective advertising

Friday 23rd September 11:00-12:00 – Book here

Ongoing labour shortages and the increasing cost of online advertising mean that labour providers must become expert at placing engaging advertising that is compliant with both general and agency specific legislation to attract new applicants.

Join our ALP experts who will explain:

  • Legal requirements around advertising for agency workers
  • Tips for getting the most from your advertising budget
  • How to use KPIs to measure and improve the success of your advertising

Supporting agency workers through the cost-of-living crisis

Friday 30th September 11:00-12:00 – Book here

Cost of living rises are affecting almost every household and business across the UK. Money worries are the biggest cause of stress for UK workers and those worries damage businesses by increasing poor performance, absence and labour turnover.

Join ALP experts to hear how you can help your workers during this difficult economic climate including:

  • Paying workers enough and fairly
  • Providing benefits that stretch the value of worker’s pay packets
  • Arranging education and guidance to help workers spend, invest and save their money wisely

We’ll give you a list of practical actions that businesses can take alongside signposting you to further guidance and specific financial wellbeing support for workers, including our new brief: Supporting Workers’ Financial Wellbeing.

Keeping hold of agency workers – top tips to improve retention

Friday 7th October 11:00-12:00 – Book here

With 1.5m fewer workers in the labour market than before the pandemic, there has never been a more important time to improve your worker retention.

Improving retention means less recruitment, less training and improved skills leading to happier workers, happier clients and a healthy bottom line.

We’ll take you through our Retaining Workers Activity ladder, helping you to improve your strategy and policy, welcome and induction, labour planning, working conditions and communication so that you:

  • Understand the issues workers face in your business
  • Maximise retention
  • Improve returner rates

Managing absence and statutory sick pay for agency workers

Friday 21st October 11:00-12:00 – Book here

Labour providers feel the financial cost of ill-health at work through:

  • The direct cost of Statutory Sick Pay
  • The time and resource taken to backfill absent workers – and the lost revenue when unable to backfill
  • The potential damage to client relationships where absence impacts upon productivity

Just one person claiming SSP will cost the labour provider the margin generated by three or more other workers dependent upon margins and so can have a significant impact on profitability.

A fair procedure which does not penalise workers for genuine illness, but which seeks to address the causes of absenteeism and encourage workers to improve their attendance will result in more engaged workers leading to better performance, improved retention and therefore decreased costs.

Join us to learn how to ensure that absence is dealt with consistently and fairly, and workers receive the SSP they are entitled to.

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