ALP unveils Manifesto for a Fair Labour Market

The Association of Labour Providers (ALP) has released its groundbreaking ‘Manifesto for a Fair Labour Market,’ presenting ten key priorities with accompanying policy proposals designed to transform the UK labour market for the better.

Labour providers are essential to our economy, supplying key workers to critical sectors that keep our nation fed and supplied with essential goods. However, significant challenges persist within the UK labour market. Businesses struggle to find workers with the necessary skills, criminal operators exploit workers and evade taxes, and many workers are denied their legal rights and protections.

Established at the government’s behest in 2004, the ALP has been at the forefront of addressing and preventing the exploitation of field and factory workers in the UK food supply chain. Over the past 20 years, we have honed our expertise in the practical application of UK law as it pertains to low-paid and vulnerable workers.

The ALP Manifesto for a Fair Labour Market

The ‘ALP Manifesto for a Fair Labour Market’ outlines a practical roadmap with ten key priorities, aimed at fostering a just and prosperous labour market. These priorities include:

  • Supporting Workers’ Rights and Wellbeing: By combating labour exploitation, enforcing worker rights, enhancing access to work, ensuring fair pay, and providing access to justice.
  • Promoting Economic Growth and Prosperity: Through streamlined legislation, evidence-based immigration policies, a flexible labour market, effective consultation and collaboration, and fair payment practices throughout supply chains.

A Call to Action for All Parties

We believe that regardless of which party forms the next Government, addressing these critical issues is essential for the future prosperity of the UK. Consequently, we have sent copies of our Manifesto to relevant MPs across all major parties, offering our expertise and collaboration to enact meaningful change.

Support our campaign by writing to your local MP. You can find their office address here. We have created a version of this text that members can download and adapt to your own requirements.

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