ALP Good Practice Principles

At ALP, our mission has always been to set a benchmark for global good practice in our industry. Through our commitment to ethical and legal compliance, and in response to the valuable feedback from our members, we’re taking a bold step forward.

Following extensive consultation, we are delighted to introduce the ALP Good Practice Principles. These principles are not just another set of standards; they are a reflection of our shared values and commitment to preventing worker exploitation and promoting fair competition. Our goals are to:

  • Empower labour providers to achieve and showcase best practice
  • Offer a platform for labour providers to affirm their dedication to fairness, respect, and ethical conduct
  • Provide an accessible audit solution, focusing on the matters that are paramount to both workers and clients

You’ll find everything you need to commit to the Principles and complete your own self-assessment against the Good Practice Principles on this page.

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